Women Moccasins

Women Moccasins

Moccasins are a type of footwear that never goes out of fashion. They have been around for hundreds of years and were first designed for warmth and protection by Native Americans. Today, women moccasins are available in a number of different designs and styles. They are among the most comfortable shoes you can wear.

Genuine Suede

When you choose women moccasins you want to purchase those made from genuine suede. This type of leather is the same natural material that traditional moccasins would have been made from. Suede leather is soft yet it’s very durable. Because it is supple it can be sewn into shoes more easily than other types of leather.

Suede moccasins are available in several different colors. While tan is the most common color, you can also choose from brown and even dyed colors. Dyed suede is popular for children’s moccasins. Suede will last for many years if it is properly cared for. Smooth leather is another common choice and may have a slightly more polished look than suede shoes.

Caring for Suede Moccasins

Women moccasins require minimal care to stay looking their best. Always remove any loose dirt by gently brushing it away. If your moccasins become wet, simply allow them to air dry. Do not dry them with heat or they may become stiff.

If you have moccasins without hard soles, they are best worn inside. Moccasins can be cleaned with suede cleaner. This should be done regularly so any dirt will not stain the leather. It’s best not to get your moccasins wet, but if you do they will not be hurt. The laces on older moccasins may become worn. The laces can be easily replaced.

Styles and Designs

The most popular style of women moccasins are the traditional stitched suede design with a rawhide lace. These are available in women’s sizes ranging from 5 through 11. Many are available in half-sizes as well as full sizes. Deerskin mocs are also a great choice. We also offer Minnetonka brand boots for women.

There are many various styles, colors, and designs to pick from. Smooth leather, patterned, and beaded are all some of the various options that are available. Classic styles can be worn with almost any outfit and at any time of the year. Moccasins are perfect for slipping on because you don’t need to wear socks with them.

An assortment of accessories is also available including handbags, totes, and hats. All of our items are genuine Minnetonka brand. We are an authorized Internet retailer so you’ll find that all of the items we sell are available in stock. They ship quickly directly from the warehouse. We offer one of the largest selections of Minnetonka moccasins for men, women, and children that you’ll find anywhere. Shipping is fast and easy and we offer it free on orders that are over $50.

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