Men Moccasins

Men Moccasins

Moccasins are some of the most comfortable footwear you can wear. Traditional moccasins were created by Native Americans and were made from animal skins. They were also sometimes decorated with beads or other decorations. Today, moccasins are available in updated designs that still have many of the same features of the original styles. Men moccasins are both versatile and comfortable.

Traditional Moccasins

There are several styles of men moccasins that are available. Traditional moccasins are made to be worn outdoors. They typically have soles on the bottom, including styles with soft soles. Soft soles are very comfortable because they bend with the foot as it moves. Driving moccasins are made with a sole that is incorporated into the bottom of the shoe and is usually made with small bumps to allow you to properly grip the ground or the gas pedal.

Moccasins are also available with hard soles and double bottom hard soles. These soles are perfect for rugged outdoor use. They will provide a non-slip surface that can be worn in almost every situation. In addition to regular outdoor wear, there are also moccasin boots available.

Moccasin Boots

Moccasin boots are made with the same high quality materials as other moccasins. There are a couple of styles available for men’s moccasins boots. Low style ankle boots are made to hug the ankles. They have fringe and are tied with a rawhide lace. The lace allows the boot to be tightened around the ankle as needed for an ideal fit.

Men’s front lace high top boots utilize soft, supple suede for the ultimate in comfort. Rawhide laces cross up the front and fringe hangs on the upper portion of the top of the boot. The boots have a durable sole making them good for wearing outdoors. The boots come up to just below the knees.

Moccasin Slippers

Moccasin slippers are available in a variety of styles. Slippers have the same look as traditional moccasins, but they usually have some type of comfort lining. For example, genuine sheepskin is one of the most popular types because of its warmth. Flannel lining is available in some designs.

Moccasin slippers may have a soft or hard sole. Hard sole slippers are more durable while soft soles may be slightly more comfortable. The choice depends completely on personal preference. Men moccasins come in various colors of suede. Tan and brown are the most common available options.

It isn’t always easy to find authentic men moccasins for sale. It is easy to purchase them online because they are quite easy to fit. They generally are sold in whole sizes, so it is best to measure your foot to ensure that you purchase the best size. Regular sizes range from 7 to 13. Some styles are available in extra large sizes 14 through 16.

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